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Let's switch things up


The Travel and Tourism Industry has been hit HARD this year. It's undeniable. As shocking, devestating and scary as it has been for so many, we can't forget that this will pass and now is the perfect time for you to work on your Travel Business as we prepare to look towards the future of travel.


Dreaming Big, Having a plan and Taking Action.. These 3 things will set you apart from the competition. 


By being proactive and not panicking, you’ll improve your travel business and set yourself apart from the competition.  


This training will show you how to get clarity on your situation, find new opportunities and ensure you don’t lose your valued clients as you build the travel business of your dreams. 


Now is the perfect time to design or redesign your travel business!

  • Do you feel like you've taken a massive hit and aren't sure how to get up and back on track?
  • Do you look at your clients and wish you had more like some, but could fire others?

We will guide you through the process so you don't drop the ball, but you can save the things you love and do more. 


What you'll learn

Each module, has a series of individual lessons, worksheets and video training. 

I'll walk you through step by step and give you the tools to take action. 


― Week 1 ―
Business Set up 

It's time to re-focus. What we may have had planned, is probably out the window. We will run through, the new opportunities available to you, readjusting your vision and look at what we have learnt and want to do next. (This isn't about the LLC or company structure - you should already have that in place, this is a look over what your business landscape looks like. )

― Week 2 ― 
Protecting your current Client Network

Quick wins, cheap tools to stay in touch - that won't break your bank, or a free.  Visibility - is it necessary and connecting with those clients you love! You are the expert, let's show your clients WHY. 


― Week 3 ― 
How to handle your clients in the future, to get new ones and keep them

Finding your favourite clients... now what? Stepping up your game, your presence. Why and how to do it. 


― Week 4 ― 

What are they, why are they important, which ones do you need and how do you do them? Are they really necessary? I will walk you through the exact steps we use and also who can help you with these. 


 ― Week 5 ― 
Content and Marketing

Looking at what you can do right now, what you need to plan for, how to prepare for the future and looking at a plan for the next few months. Guidance on tools and what you can do to make things easier for you, if you aren't the creative type.  


 ― Week 6 ― 

It's time if you haven't already to get a grip on your finances. What things you need to set up, how to set them up and the basic tools you need to understand. Our finance experts will break this down for you in easy to follow format and language. 




Knowledge is power. One thing for certain is that no one ever would have told you that owning your own travel business would be easy. It will always have peaks and troughs. I believe that if you are adaptable, you are flexible and you know how to understand these 6 things you will be able to keep moving into a brighter future. Even if your business is quiet or it currently feels like you won't dig out of it, the skills you will learn in this program will help you as you move forward in your life.


I know you started your business for a reason. You want to help others. I want to help you look at what may have already worked in the past, bring it back, learn new tools and techniques for the future and also to look at what we could do different in the future.  


You can work through this at your own pace and come back to the recordings and tasks as often as you like. 


Accountability, support and focus. Let's work together to take stock and regroup, rebuild and refocus on your travel business. You are destined to have the travel agency and travel business you love. 

PLUS - I am there to support you every step of the way. 


We've been given the gift of time. Don't let it pass. 

Even though you may feel as though your travel business has been deflated, as I am sure you currently are, don't wait until the industry turns to start looking at how your business can be stronger. 

Start NOW.. Hopefully you are almost through or are through the changes you need to make to your clients, that were due to travel in the next couple of months.

This should be now giving you the breathing space to turn things around and be ready when we can begin to explore this incredible planet we live on soon. 

There are payment options to suit your needs, this investment is one that your business and you may need right now. 

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A note from Ros...

My goal for Travel Agent Achievers is to always Encourage, Educate and Empower you in your travel business.

When I started my own business over 13 years ago, I was able to bring with me a lot of business knowledge. I had been the Director of Sales and Marketing for several international education institutions, worked in 5 star hotels and travelled the world promoting Australia as a destination to study. Sales and Marketing were my jam. 

However, when I started out on my own in travel, I struggled having to be everything to everyone and be every single role in my business. 

With support from my own business mentors and learning from coaches (cause that's what you do if you want to be better - get a coach) I was able adjust quickly. As a small business owner, I could design my company the way I wanted to and built it to a 6 figure income business. Selling millions of dollars worth of travel.  

Each year, I sit down and plan out my following year, plus some if I know things are coming. I then have a plan that I can take action on without distractions or without the overwhelm of knowing what to do next. 

This year has thrown many challenges at those of us in travel. It hasn't been easy. 

Particularly the last couple of months. I understand. I am in the trenches with you. I get it and feel the same way as you. 

I'm not giving up though and I don't want you to either. I want to bring as many small travel business owners with me as possible as we design and launch into the new travel arena.

Things will turn and right now is the time for us to ensure we are prepared, focused and ready to take on the new travel landscape.

Travel agents have a purpose. Your clients need you. Those that have been stung and want support and also to continue to travel the world, they too need you..

I am looking forward to sharing this journey and walking you through the step by step process for 6 weeks.

Having learnt and still work with a number of the best business coaches around the world, mentoring and supporting the travel industry has been a passion of mine for several years now. Seeing the transformation that our Travel Agent Achievers Podcast tools and tips as well as small programs and resources have helped so many agents, I will be there to also support you through this time.

I can't wait for you to join me. I believe in you and know you are destined for great things.

xo Ros

PS: If you are still unsure, please feel free to email me. 


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