"Your Marketing and Social Media Plan"




Dreaming Big, having a plan and taking action.. These 3 things will set you apart from the competition. 


Inside the 2-hour workshop

I'll walk you through


― 1 ―
The Exact Steps I use 

During my own planning day. I too sit with other business owners, however this session is specifically for those in travel, as we know each others business BEST!

― 2 ― 
Brainstorming & Goal Setting

We take a quick look back at the year that was, before setting our goals for the year ahead. Knowledge is power to help understand what may have already worked, or what we could do different.  


― 3 ― 
Understanding your Favourite and Ideal Clients

The specialist will always beat the generalist. We will dive into what it means to be a specialist, how to find your favourite people to work with and learn how to understand them better. 


― 4 ― 
My secret way of predicting our numbers

Connecting your promotions and marketing efforts to particular financial goals. This may make you uncomfortable, however sometimes we need that push. ;-) 


 ― 5 ― 
Taking care of YOU

The tips to avoid burnout, look after those we love the most and how we use our calendar to ensure we don't miss out on LIFE. We only have one.  


What you're getting

1 x Workbook, 1 x Marketing Planning Calendar and up to 2 super efficient and fun hours with me = Everything you need to set up for AWESOME success. 


  1. If you're not sure what to promote, how to promote it or when, don't worry - we cover that in the workshop
  2. If you're worried about financial pressures, don't worry - we are going to set a plan that is realistic to you, so you don't feel out of place or that it is impossible to achieve. Sometimes we need to adjust as we go, but don't worry - this is possible!
  3. If you are already breaking out in a cold sweat over Social Media and getting active in a productive way. It's ok. Breathe, we're going to set you up for success and support. 


Planning your Marketing and Social Media Calendar won't just set you up for an organised period. It also empowers you to play a bigger game in the industry. AND give you clarity to work out what you love doing yourself, or what you could also get help with to allow you to focus on other things you love doing. 

You'll walk away from this workshop feeling...

☑ Empowered, to take action on a plan you know you CAN achieve.  
☑ Organised. Your workbook will be full of ideas and suggestions so you know WHO you are talking to and how to best get your business out to those potential NEW clients.  
☑ Fresh!  Committed to stay on track, know where to get help and support for your plan when you need it and ready to take on your best year yet! 
☑ FREE from the stress of knowing what to post when and where. No more 'on the fly' overwhelm because your promotions will be strategic and intentional 

A note from Ros...

My goal for Travel Agent Achievers is to Encourage, Educate and Empower you in your travel business.

When I started my own travel business over 14 years ago, I was able to bring with me a lot of business knowledge. I had been the Director of Sales and Marketing for several education institutions and travelled the world promoting Australia as a destination to study. Sales and Marketing were my jam.  However, when I started out on my own in travel, I struggled having to be everything to everyone and be every single role in my business. 

With support from my own business mentors and learning from coaches (cause that's what you do if you want to be better - get a coach) I was able adjust quickly and being a small business owner, I could design my company the way I wanted to. 

Each year, I sit down and plan out my following year, plus some if I know things are coming. I then have a plan that I can take action on without distractions or without the overwhelm of knowing what to do next. My plan is also flexible, in today's environment, it needs to be. Even though you may think of something you have to talk about one month, it is also possible to use this at another time, or adapt when you can't 'promote' something. Being flexible is important. 

I want this for you too.

I put together this online workshop to show you HOW you can be prepared and ready for a new year ahead without the "oh crap" feeling when you get started.

If you want to plan out your best year yet, I would love you to join me. I believe in you and know you are destined for great things.

xo Ros

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