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Systemise, prioritise and build your dream travel business.


This year has been off to a rocky start for Travel Agents. Don't get lost in the 'hard' stuff. You need to keep moving forward.

This 6 week, step by step plan is to help you re-build your travel business the way you want to design it for YOUR NEW future. 

I will guide you to take action and understand the road ahead and how you can navigate your business through the tough and good times. 

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Planning your Content Strategy - Online Workshop

We all know we need to connect with our clients and also stay in contact if we want to build, strengthen and grow our travel businesses.

So, how do we do "All the things" we need to do in our travel business AND write newsletters, put together flyers, work out what to promote and when and also think about 'real human' connection with our clients?

I'm curious

5 Ways to Connect with Clients when times are tough

Now more than ever, we need to show up for our clients. You're clients need you, they love you and they want to hear from you. 

When bookings are slow, or you can't do something you love, choose one or all of these techniques and jump into action. Our business is about relationships. It's time to strengthen yours. 


Your Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide

From Beginning to End — 67 Steps to Handling A Travel Booking. To kick off your SYSTEMS set up, we looked at all the steps involved in our business to ensure we had a consistent source of repeat and referral clients. Once you have this list, you will be able to automate a lot of the steps and FREE up YOUR TIME! 


FREE 'My Blog Post Planner'

If you are writing blog posts, which you should be doing, this cheat sheet gives you the steps and format to formulate and promote your material


FREE! Outsourcing List for Virtual Assistants Checklist

50 things you can outsource in your business to help make you more efficient, doing the things you love.


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